The Ramén Ball Sector Valve has been manufactured in Sweden since 1965 and was developed as a direct result of the pulp and paper industry in Sweden requiring an affordable valve for regulating fibre suspension in pulp and paper. This became the Ramen KS Ball Sector Valve

Through decades of producing, developing and refining the Ramén Ball Sector Valve they have learnt that adapting to customer needs is crucial. The close proximity of their production, engineering and sales allows them to make the small design adjustments that make the big differences to durability.

Every control valve that is made in their production facility in Stockholm, Sweden, is carefully manufactured and assembled by professionals according to the most recent ISO quality and environmental requirements. In everything Ramen do their objective is to deliver environmentally sustainable flow control solutions that prolong the product life cycle and maximize production uptime.

The Ramen KS Series Ball Sector Control Valve is designed to be used as a control valve for liquids, gases, steam, and media with suspended solids, sludge, abrasive slurries, powder, pellets and viscous media.


KS Models Flanged & Wafer Pattern are available in the following designs:


KS-1 (Soft seat PTFE)


  • Ball sector control valve KS in execution 1 with stainless steel body and ball sector and carbon/graphite PTFE seat.
  • Natural choice for clean and non-abrasive liquid or gas at moderate pressures, pressure drops and temperatures.


KS-1A (Soft seat PTFE)


  • KS in material execution 1A with hard chrome-coated ball sector, and soft PTFE seat ensures class VI shut-off.
  • Excellent choice for wastewater, fibre suspensions and some abrasive media.


KS-1B (Stellite seat)


  • KS in material execution 1B, a Stellite metal seated
  • Valve with hard chrome-coated ball sector ensuring class IV compliance in shut-off services.
  • Suitable for many abrasive fluids containing hard particles at elevated velocities and temperatures.


KS-1C (Stellite seat)


  • KS in material execution 1C, metal seated with hard chrome-plated ball sector and seat holding ring with
  • Increased protection against abrasion ensuring extended service life for throttling high-velocity process fluids.


KS-1E (Deep stellite seat)


  • KS in material execution 1E, with deep Stellite metal seat offering long service life for any applications with highly abrasive media containing hard particles within the cellulose & paper industries, mining, wastewater in steel mills, sewage plants and many others.


Design Features




Bi Directional Design




Seat Design

Sealing Components

Ramen offer two additional models cover high temperature and slurry applications:




The KSP model has a stuffing box with a self-lubricating braided PTFE packing for tightly

sealing shafts and minimizing fugitive emissions. This model is a suitable solution for elevated

temperatures and/or corrosive and hazardous media that demand increased valve tightness.


  • Size range: DN40 – DN200 / 1 1/2” – 8”
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 250°C
  • Operating pressure: up to PN40
  • Flanged or flangeless design




The Ramén KSG ball sector valve is a rubber-lined control valve that offers extended resistance to wear in mining, industrial and municipal water, wastewater and slurry applications. All wetted parts like body, ball sector and the outlet protection ring are lined with polyurethane (PUR) and natural rubber (NR), causing particles to bounce off rather than wear the metal material.


  • Size range: DN80– DN200 / 3” – 8”
  • Operating temperature: Max. 60°C
  • Operating pressure: Max. 5 bar (g)
  • Flanged or flangeless design


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